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Dignity® Classic Extra

Adult Fitted Brief For Maximum Protection


  • Excelsorb III super absorbent core system
  • High-strength, waterproof backsheet
  • Blue acquisition layer
  • Anatomically contoured, diamond embossed mat design
  • Self-adjusting multi-strand leg gathers and re-fastenable tape tabs
  • Inkjet wetness indicator and waterproof outer barrier


  • Wicks away and retains wetness and odor in layers of fluff and polymer, leaving skin exceptionally dry and free from irritation
  • Feels dry and soft against skin even after multiple voids
  • Quickly draws fluid away from the top sheet and deep into the super absorbent core, preventing moisture rewetting the skin
  • Rapid dispersion of fluid and increased mat stability and comfort
  • Provides enhanced comfort, secure fit and optimal protection against leakage
  • Efficient product change timing



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Protection Level



 Case Pack

Package Style

Dignity Classic Extra 43090  4 Drops  Youth White 8/12 Clear
43190 4 Drops  Small White 8/12 Printed
43390 4 Drops Medium White 8/12 Printed
43490 4 Drops Regular Lavender 8/10 Printed
43590 4 Drops  Large Blue 6/12 Printed

43690  4 Drops  X-Large Tan 6/10 Printed
43790  4 Drops XX-Large Green 4/12 Printed