Latex-free conformable, vapor permeable hydrocolloid dressing with excellent contact adhesion for quick and secure application.


FlexiCol handles wound drainage with a combination of absorption and evaporation. Unlike other dressings that tend to pull away soon after being applied, FlexiCol stays secure for days after its first application so re-application or securing with tape is eliminated.

FlexiCol's thin film exterior and moist core allow for higher and quicker fluid uptake so most residue does not remain in the wound. Peel-off tabs and a thin beveled edge make application quick and prevent dressing roll-off. FlexiCol folds easily to conform to difficult-to-dress areas and is available in two shaped dressings for wounds on the sacrum, heels and elbows.


  • Latex-free, sterile, individually sealed
  • Secure initial tack makes application quick and easy
  • Easily conforms to difficult-to-dress areas
  • High and quick fluid uptake means most residue does not remain in the wound
  • Beveled edge and peel-off tabs make application quick


Beveled edge and peel-off tabs make application quick and easy.

FlexiCol is indicated for use in managing light to moderately draining chronic and acute wounds including: pressure ulcers, leg ulcers, second degree burns and superficial burns and abrasions.


Order No.


Per Box

 FlexiCol 48600000 2" x 2" 20
48610000 4" x 4" 10
48620000 6" x 7" Sacral 5
48630000 3.5" x 4.75" Concave 10
48640000 4'' x 4'' Thin 10
48660000 6" x 6" 5